Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 9 time trials at the Sydney Olympic Pool

After an awesome night out on the town, we got up had breakfast at 8 and headed to the ferry. 
Also eight of us registered for the Bondi Barefoot race on Sunday. Watch out Australia, Marietta College is coming barefoot and ready!

Upon arriving at The Sydney Olympic Aquatic Center, we were able to wonder around for a bit and then head out to Urban Jungle. This is a high ropes course and our guides name was Mark. There was a lot of instructing and practicing going on before we hit the high ropes. We were able to all complete the ropes course in under to hours which left us time to go back through one of the levels.
For the majority of the time, we were all competing and trying to no use our hands. Mike told us that one obstacle hasn't been completed with no hands and if you can do it they will name it after you. We all tried but Trayla was the one who really put a spin on things and tried to run across the obstacle and ended up wiping out. Six of us wanted to try a new challenge in the last round so we did everything backwards. It was quite challenging and Mike was impressed we were able to stick with it. In the end, the ropes course was AWESOME!
Blurry pics taken from a camera. Mike was only able to document on one camera so sorry for the blurriness. 

After the ropes course we were able to go swim where the Olympians swam in the 2000 Olympics. It was awesome. We did water aerobics, handstand contest, and tried to see who could hold their breath the longest which was Kelsie at 57 seconds!  We also all swam 100 meters in the actual Olympic pool which was sweet. Most hung out at the pool while others went to explore.
Our version of MC!

We had Oportos after for lunch and were able to catch a train back. Chyrsten and Jaclyn went to Manley after to purchase some souvenirs. They also experienced some huge waves and felt the boat rock a lot. 

At 6pm, Vivid Sydney started. This is a time that the city lights up the opera house, the buildings, bridges and many other things. It is quite pretty and amazing. This event happens once a year and we will be lucky enough to see it for 4 nights!!  The lights remain on for six hours every night!  

A giant cruise boat is obstructing the view here!!  Just a little glimpse of the Sydney Opera House during Vivid Sydney. 

The students went off to dinner and exploring at Darling Harbour tonight. The rain kind of mixed up some plans. Not many nights left but trying to enjoy them all. Live from the YHA.....until next time  

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