Saturday, May 11, 2013

Australia Bound

Los Angeles: Time here is 8pm. With 10 people and several flights later, we all made it to LosAngeles on time. Two first time fliers survived both flights and are fueling up to take on this fifteen hour flight ahead. 

The trip is lead by Jaclyn Schwieterman. The 9 students going are Trayla Liles, Chyrsten Regelski, Aimee Cline, Kelsie Sparber, Todd Sabol, Shelby Preston, Gretchen Baisden, Amanda Lusky and Jenna Smith. Each student will take time over the next two weeks to update you on what is going on through this blog. We have a pretty exciting two weeks ahead!!! We are ready to have a rip snorter time down under and we will keep you updated throughout our trip!

Jenna: On our way over to Los Angeles, there was an Australian family that was sitting next to me.  They asked all about our trip, I showed them our itinerary, and they told Jaclyn and I about their favorite places to go.  It got me that much more excited and I can't wait to arrive in Sydney!

One minor mistake with numbers on visas and passports. Hopefully Liles makes it in the country!!  

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