Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 7 at Bondi Beach

This morning we decided to split paths and do our own thing for the morning. Half of us traveled out to  Paddy's market to spend a little more money and the other half stayed to make free pancakes and head to Bondi Beach early. It was some of the students first time ever making pancakes and for the most part it was a success (despite Jenna's scrambled pancakes). At Paddy's market the group found great deals, including matching sunglasses.

We all met up in "Let's Go Surfing" at Bondi beach to sign our waivers and attempt to put our wetsuits on. The struggle was real. After everyone was situated we went with our surf guides, Marty and Will, to learn a little background history of the beach and surfing. Aimee became surf rescue certified in about 30 seconds and gave a great demonstration on how to save a life (rescue gear and all). After our lesson we finally hit the beach! There are four steps to getting up on the surf board: sliding onto the board aka the beached whale (copy right Amanda Lusky), the downward dog, your first step with your back foot, and your step with the opposite foot. At this point you should be standing on your board low and balanced. I am proud to report that everyone got up on their boards... At least for a split second. The waves decided to be our enemy today, filling our ears and mouths with plenty of salt water. We were the BEST group they had ever had though! After our session was up, we couldn't wait to change into warm clothes and get under the heaters. As we were leaving, we received certificates for being so totally amazing at surfing.
All that surfing really worked up an appetite, so we took a bus over to Watson's Bay and ate at Doyle's. Most people ordered the fish and chips and some ordered the salmon. We were so proud of Chyrsten for trying fish for the first time! Bellies full and tuckered out, we made our way back to the hostel for some downtime.

From the bottom bunk of 328, this is Gretchen reporting.
Hang ten America.

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