Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 11 in Sydney

Today was another early morning. We rolled out of bed around 6 to head down and fuel up before the big race. After breakfast we caught a train over to Bondi beach where we surfed just a few days ago. Once there we collected our racing singlets for the Bondi barefoot 4k race. 

We headed down to the water for a little warm up jog. Upon the start of the race we were in for a big surprise. It turns out soft sand is pretty hard to run in. Before we knew it we were getting passed by grandpas in speedos (may need therapy to get rid of that image in the future). We kept chugging along though and most of us ended pretty well. However, we might be in dire need of some icy hot in the morning. 

Todd got first out of the sports med group but he's a boy so I don't think it really counts. 

After the race we got to run some more (to catch our bus).  On said bus we ended up in an interesting Chat with a local about how easy it is to distinguish Americans. He also quizzed Jaclyn on her nutrition knowledge. 

 We all headed over the the Olympic Park to check out the Sydney Swifts professional netball game. It was pretty cool to see how the pros do it. Although, we're basically netball experts ourselves at this point (thanks to Goldie). The swifts ended up winning the game by over 15 points. I think our cheering might have been a contributing factor!

The next stop after the game was Paddy's market for some last minute souvenirs. Aimee and Lusky managed to talk a guy down to $20 on some sweet headphones and Jaclyn managed to find herself a replacement neck pillow. Aimee, Trayla, Lusky and Jaclyn headed out to watch the Adams Family musical show and the rest of us lounged around for a bit then went to grab a quick bite to eat down at the rocks. We all met later in the evening to hang out on the town for a bit. Tomorrow it's off to Sydney Uni!

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