Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 10 in Sydney

After breakfast, we started off taking a ferry over to the Wildlife Park Sanctuary.  We got to see Wallabies, Eastern Grey Kangaroos, adorable Koala's, a Tasmanian Devil, a HUGE Crocodile, a Wombat, and a variety of snakes and insects.

This is a picture of a Wallaby eating.  If you looked close enough, you could see her 6-7 month old Joey in her pouch!

Here is an adorable Koala just chilling out in the tree :)

And here is an amazing picture of the Tasmanian Devil (the photo credit goes to Todd) 

Afterwards, we grabbed subway and headed to the North Sydney Oval to watch Rugby League: Bears vs. Jets.  We got there a little bit early and ended up watching some guys play "Lawn Bowling".  They were nice enough to let us borrow some of their equipment and told us how to play.  

The goal of Lawn Bowling is to throw your ball as close to the white ball as possible.  It's pretty similar to our Bocce.  Here is a picture close to Lawn Bowling, which over looks the Sydney Harbour.

When it was time, we walked back over to the North Sydney Oval to see the Bears pre-match treatment and to watch them play.  The pre-match treatment consisted mainly of tapings.  A lot of the players got their ankles taped and some also got their knees, shoulders, and wrists taped.  After all of the players were taped and ready to warm up, the Bears physiotherapist showed us some of the tapings that Dr. McConnell told us about, one of which is a fat pad taping.  Afterwards he let us practice some of the tapings on each other.  Here is a picture of Chyrsten practicing a fat pad taping on Amiee's knee and practicing the physiotherapists way of an ankle taping with Leukotape.
Leukotape gives way in all directions, while the tape that we are used to, Coach tape, gives way in only two directions.  The Bears physiotherapist then showed us their changing rooms and their warm and cold whirlpools.  By then, it was time for the game to start.  It was very intense and exciting match between the two teams.  At half time, we all got pictures with the Bears Mascot.  Here is a picture of Chyrsten, Amiee, and Shelby...and a Newscaster who photo bombed the picture. 
Unfortunately the Bears lost to the Jets, 38-24.  It was a fun game to be at nonetheless!  For the rest of the night, we chilled at our hostel and watched Vivid Sydney.  This is Jenna reporting from the YHA in Sydney.  Until next time...

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