Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 1 cont

After checking in our rooms and each getting a shower, everyone felt a lot better. With a few hours to kill before dinner some contacted family and checked email/Facebook while others took in this amazing view. 
Dinner was at 6 next door and almost all the students were about to hit a brick wall. The restaurant was called the Australian Hotel at the Rocks. Appetizers included wings and potato wedges with the main course being various pizzas including crocodile (not liked by many), kangaroo, shrimp, chicken and Hawaiian with some salad. As a little surprise, we celebrated Jenna and Aimee's belated birthdays with an Australian desert ( little blurry photo). 
After a nice welcome dinner, everyone was ready to be dismissed to go to their rooms. Jet lag hit some more than others. Tomorrow starts with breakfast at 8am. Live from the YHA.....until next time.....

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