Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 4 - Katoomba, Aus

After breakfast, we hung out on the bean bags in the commons for some down time. There were also biscuits, pies, and cinnamon rolls free from the YHA that were enjoyed. We also found Todd a new friend. 

After a long interesting night in our temporary hostel in Katoomba, we had a breakfast full of cereal and toast before we made our journey to two very scenic locations.  The first of which was called Evan's Lookout. This view was very beautiful and I imagine is the Aussie's version of the Grand Canyon. After some great kanga moments were captured and Aimee almost suffered multiple injuries jumping off of a rock, we made a long, TWISTING drive to the Jenolan Caves.  These caves were really breathtaking and the history along with the views made the experience even better.  The caves are over 340 million years old and over time between the water in the caves and the crystallization, we came across some awesome rock formations in the caves. From the broken column to all of the "bacon" formations we saw, we all agreed that it was a very unique experience.  Overall it was a good day, no one became too car sick on our journey over and no one fell into the deep depths of Lucas Cave, although Kelsey's iPhone case made a valiant effort it was retrieved by some very brave "anonymous" people.  This is Todd Sabol, the only one of my kind left, hanging on by a thread with these crazy girls, you stay classy America.

Our group before our adventure through the caves. We are getting very good at posing for pictures.

Just a small glimpse of a one of the many caves within the mountains and how cool the rock and crystal formations were in every direction you turned.
Also another sweet picture in one of the caves called the broken column. Being in the medical field,this was renamed the broken femur, first termed by Baisden. 

On our way back we finally came across some kangaroos!  This group let us get pretty close before hopping away, but needless to this made our trip to the blue mountains well worth it!

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