Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 3 in the Blue Mountains

Today was the beginning of the overnight adventure to the Blue Mountains. We had to check out of our YHA in the Rocks after breakfast.  At breakfast some of the students willingly ate Vegemite. The drive to the Blue Mountains was about two hours long.  However, we learned many new terms.  Jason tried to convince us there was an animal called a Drop Bear.  He told us that when we were walking in the mountains that the bear would drop out of the trees and the best way to defend ourselves was forks on our head or Vegemite behind our ears.  True facts however, included how Kangaroos are to Australia like deers to the US.  

Once we arrived in the Blue Mountains the first stop was to a local bakery to try our first meat pies.  Everyone tried one, and everyone enjoyed them.  The middle could be filled with a variety of different flavors, most of us got steak, bacon, and cheese. 
Also a variety of tarts were enjoyed.

After checking in to our new YHA, we drove to the Three Sisters.
This was an absolute breath taking view, that everyone enjoyed.  The rest of the afternoon was spent at a park where you were able to view the different aspects of the Blue Mountains.  
The four different attractions included; a walking path, a railway, a skyway,  and a cable car.  

Jaclyn was very interested to learn about the coal industry that used to take place in the mountains.  
(After she got scared of what might be in the dark doorway)
Overall the Three Sisters were beautiful and we are very ecstatic about being able to climb through the caves and mountain sides tomorrow.  
Photo of just the girls. Todd was too busy getting eucalyptus from a strange old man. 

To end the evening we went to a buffet, that was full of fresh seafood and Asian food. Not many enjoyed the food. 

You could enjoy the nice fireplace at the hostel since it is really cold up here. However we learned that they do not make s'mores here. Only marshmallows. 

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