Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 1 in Sydney

After a smooth 15 hour flight, we made it to Sydney!!  Not many of the students got much sleep on the flight but enjoyed movies and roaming about the cabin. We also were able to watch the sky cam on the flight so we could see our take off and landing. Once off the plane, we had to gather up and get through customs and get our luggage. All the luggage made it!!  After getting the luggage Jaclyn had to have her shoes inspected and in turn lost her passport and neck pillow. Lucky for her, someone turned it in so she has it now!!  Pic of the students outside the airport 
After a short break for Jaclyn to find her passport, we took a bus to our hostel. A few notes on the drive though, they drive on the left side and drive on the right side of the car. Travel to the hostel took about 45 minutes. Once to the hostel we were able to change and had breakfast #2 with  . Our view on the top deck is of the Sydney Harbor and bridge and The Rocks!  
After orientation we went on a walking tour of Sydney and stopped at various places. Here is a group phot by one of the fountains. Looking our best we can after a full day of travel. 
Another place we went was the Sydney Tower which is the highest point in Sydney where you can see for miles of all of Sydney. Jason our director was able to point out different sights that we will see over the next few days.
We were able to have a quick lunch in a food court which was pretty good. Everything is a little more pricey here and everyone is figuring that out. We also went to get some groceries and finally we were able to check in to our rooms at around 3:30. Everyone is showering and getting ready for our welcome dimmer at 6 which features Kangaroo!  Everyone is having a great time so far. Live from the Rocks, until next time......

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