Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 5 in Sydney

Today we toured the Rugby League Central Museum of Heroes and Legends and learned all about the history and players of rugby. It is similar to our American football but they wear no padding at all so they believe our football game is weak and we can't take a hit! In the museum we saw many of the trophies that teams have won at the Grand Finals and we even posed for our very own trophy shot! The rugby teams also wear pink uniforms for a game every season to support the awareness of breast cancer and to raise money for the breast cancer foundation in Sydney. 
After the rugby tour we visited the Allianz Stadium and Cricket grounds. Here they play anything from cricket, rugby union, rugby league, and the Sydney FC soccer team also plays here. Half of the grounds are as old as the 1800's and today they are building on to make the grounds even bigger for their members and fans. 
We were also taught a stance that the cricket players use when they believe the player is out! We were able to tour behind the scenes and see things that were more familiar to us. We were all excited to see the hot and cold baths and the blood bin or the suture room where the players get stitched up if injured during the games. 
After we toured the two grounds we had the rest of the day to do some shopping and travel on the ferry to Manly. Most of us enjoyed the classic fish and chips for lunch and then did some shopping along the streets in Manly. We visited the beach and spent some time walking in the sand and running through the water! 
Once we all got back to Sydney for the night we went to the Glenmore Hotel and enjoyed a nice steak dinner on their roof top. It was a million dollar view of the city at night and a perfect ending to a great day! 

Live from Shelby at the YHA in Sydney! Until next time....


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