Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 13 departing for the states.

It's 7am and we are departing for the states. This is our last breakfast and all our luggage. Looking exceptionally good for so early. 
We all made it through check-in, customs and security just fine. When we arrived at our gate we got the news that our flight is delayed for 2 1/2 hours due to weather. We cant even see past the runway it so foggy!!  Australia is really upset we are leaving. We now have some extra time to hang out in the Sydney airport. 
Still hanging out at the airport. We were able to get $20 food vouchers since our flight is so delayed. During the delay most slept, caught up on journals, watched movies or got beat playing Jaclyn in the card game speed. Our new view is below. 
After a long wait, we should be boarding shortly and arriving in LA between 9 and 10 there time.  

Well we ended up departing four hours late which made for a very interesting 2nd Tuesday the 28th aka Shelby's birthday. We arrived in LA at 10:25 their time which caused many problems. After getting through customs and baggage, only Todd and Chyrsten were able to make their actual flight. Kelsie was a able to get on a different flight to get to Pittsburgh at around 11. Jaclyn was able to get out on a flight mid afternoon to Chicago but had to land in Madison, Wisconsin because of weather and then made it to Chicago only to miss her next flight. She will spend 6 hours in Chicago waiting for her early morning flight. Trayla, Aimee, Jenna, Amanda, Gretchen and the birthday girl Shelby spent the afternoon in LA in a hotel with free meals from Qantas. Hopefully we will all make it to Ohio by noon tomorrow the 29th. This really ended up being the longest May 28th in history!!
Chicago airport at midnight. 

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