Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 12 at Sydney Uni.

Our last day has snuck up on us. Today we started with our breakfast at 8 and left shortly after for Sydney Uni. The bus ride there was a little stop and go and everyone was happy to get off. Upon getting to Sydney Uni, the students were able to take some photos of the welcome signs. We traveled with the Xavier group so we had a fairly large group. 

The first place we went was to one of the ovals for a Kanga.  They play most of their club sports such as rugby, soccer, and AFL on this grass. We then toured one of their smaller sports centers. We learned that Sydney Uni has about 50,000 students during the school year. Unlike in the states, the gym, pool, personal training, and fitness classes cost extra from the tuition. They have bronze, silver, and gold memberships that can range anywhere from $490-950 a year. Each tier has more perks than the others. A few of us were able to buy some gear here too. We then toured a bigger facility that has the fitness classes and the 50m pool. This sports center was a lot nicer than the other one but was higher on the tier grade. 

After our tours, we were all able to enjoy a nice lunch in the union, otherwise known as the dining hall. Here most tried a kabab which is different than a kebab. This entrĂ©e was either beef or chicken on a bed of rice with some greens or rolled up in a flour tortilla. Everyone enjoyed the kababs. 

After a nice lunch we walked through some of the older parts of the campus. We were able to get a kanga in front of the castle like building.
Some also got photos of the graffiti tunnel. To finish up our time at Sydney Uni, we got a lesson on AFL, Australian Rules Football.  Will, the strength coach from England, was able to teach us the basics of the game. As stated by one of the students, "it seems like they just made up a sport by putting volleyball, soccer and football together."  It is a very different sport. After the lesson, Will put us through some drills on the oval. Marietta had one ball and we were pretty decent. At the end, Shelby was elected to make a try but was unsuccessful. Todd had to try and of course came out 1-1. 

We then tracked back to the hostel area for everyone to do their last minute sightseeing and souvenir shopping. Collectively we have purchased 27 scarves!!  So cheap here!

Next up was our farewell dinner which a lot of us were dreading!!  We went to the Orient and had a variety of meals from fish and chips to a kangaroo burrito to oysters to a lamb burger and more. Last but not least was a caramel dessert which was delicious. We had an award ceremony which everyone received awards from Shanna and Regina. Trayla and Chyrsten did the honors of presenting both of them awards and gifts for all the hard work they have done. They have been really awesome and have helped out in so many ways.  They will definitely be missed. 

To round out the night, most went for some last minute pictures and packing. Departure is at 7 am in the morning!!  Live for the last time from the YHA.......until next time

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